About the Elementary Remote Learning  (ERL)

The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) Elementary Remote Learning (ERL) offers a Full Day Kindergarten program, an English program, and both Core French and French Immersion programs for Grades 1 to 8. In the 2023-2024 School Year, we have one Remote Learning Program.

If you are trying to contact us the phone number is 519-664-2272

Students in the Remote Learning School continue their learning journey in a virtual environment that is flexible, predictable, and engaging. Students engage in 300 minutes of instruction each day, receiving 180 to 225 minutes of synchronous and 75 to 120 minutes of directed asynchronous learning.

Educators provide full lessons based on the Ontario Curriculum. Learning tasks are designed so that they are to be culturally relevant and responsive. Staff uses flexible and personalized approaches that reflect the identities, needs, and circumstances of their students.

Educators use an ongoing assessment cycle to support student learning. Through observation, conversations, and student work, educators provide students with clear next steps to achieve their learning goals. Three times each school year educators provide formal assessment and evaluation through a progress report and two provincial report cards.

In remote learning, educators are committed to getting to know their students as individuals and as learners so that all students achieve the highest standard. The Elementary Remote Learning is fully staffed with a special education resource teacher and part-time guidance counsellor who work side by side with classroom educators to support student programming. All educators also have access to support from Learning Support Services, including staff who have specialized training in the areas of curriculum development and special education to support student programming.

Throughout the school day, students have a balanced approach to their learning that includes outdoor and experiential learning activities, physical and mindfulness breaks, and opportunities to engage in non-technology-based activities.

Communicating with students and their families

The WRDSB Remote Learning School Administration and educators will be using School-Day to communicate important information to families. Please contact us at rl1@wrdsb.ca if your family is not already signed up so we can ensure you receive important messages directly to your phone or email.

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Administration Team

Remote Learning -Please contact us at rl1@wrdsb.ca

Leanne Rohr – Head Secretary


Vice Principal